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Here is what we have in stock today. Now accepting cash and all major credit cards! Processing fee applies for credit/debit card purchases.  A quick word about prices. "But I can get it cheaper at...." is probably true. As with everything, you can usually find a lower price online. We are a small, home-based shop and our retail pricing is based on our cost from the wholesalers. Many wholesale distributors are out of stock on most popular items so in some cases we are buying where we can and marking up from there. A couple of things to consider. First, there is significant value in being able to hold a firearm, see how it fits in your hands, how much it weighs, etc. that you can't get online. Second, don't forget that our price is the price out of the door. We already paid the shipping and we don't charge a transfer fee or for the background check. You pay what we have posted plus 7% for the state of Indiana. If you know what you want and can get a better pri

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